Survival, baby!

DFW Preppers

If you are interested in survival topics but get tired of the standard political and religious hulabaloo that tends to surround it, you might want to check out my good friend Georgene’s brand spankin’ new blog. It’s called [DFW Preppers and Survivors]. I find Georgene to be a very level headed person when it comes […]

Thanksgiving 2009 – Down to the wire!


As I am sure many of you will be using this weekend to stock up on produce and other Thanksgiving supplies, I just wanted to toss out a few links and tidbits that might help with any last minute planning. Thanksgiving 2009 Brainstorm – This is a collection of recipes I put together on RecipeZaar […]

I'm Chef of the Day!

That's me!

I just got an email from someone congratulating me on being Chef of the Day over on RecipeZaar.  I am inspired by this.  While I am pretty sure their Chef of the Day feature is random, I think they really would have chosen me if it were based on singing the praises of that website. […]

A Very Serious Topic


I won’t be blogging a recipe today. Mostly because I got started late on my Slow Cooker Navy Bean Soup, and it won’t be ready until late tonight. But also because there is a very serious topic I feel obligated to talk about. Chocolate… CHOCOLATE… CHOCOLATE !!! As I started cleaning out my kitchen and […]