About this Blog

What I hope to accomplish with my blog, first and foremost, is to get people into their kitchens. I want people to know that they do not need to be gourmet chefs nor have all day long to prepare meals in order to take responsibility for what they feed themselves and their families. Too often we use busy schedules or lack of talent as excuses for relying on fast food and TV dinners. Preparing your own food has many benefits. It tastes better, it saves you money, and you know more about what is going into it. I still use ingredients I’m not sure about. The jury is still out on things like Splenda, but at least when I’m doing the cooking… I’m the one in control. I can moderate it to suit my preferences.

Who am I? Just an average gal. I am not your doctor. I am not your nutritionist. I am not any sort of food industry nor healthcare professional. I simply blog about what I cook. I do more than a fair amount of my own research, and I make things that have proven to help keep me and mine fairly healthy. I’m constantly seeking to tweak, and I hope my ramblings will help others to do the same. However, you must DECIDE FOR YOURSELF whether these recipes fit appropriately into your eating plan. For some, they will. For some, they won’t. I make no claims or guarantees either way. I am also not claiming every product I rant about is particularly “healthy”. I will go so far as to say they’re typically healthier than whatever I’m subbing out with them. I encourage you to do your own research. My mindset is one of everything in moderation. Some of my dessert recipes, usually around the holidays, will be standard holiday fare with artifical sweeteners replacing sugar. I GIVE YOU NO LICENSE TO BINGE. Please use common sense and moderation in all things. MODERATE before you are forced to OBLITERATE.

Most of my recipes can be found in my SparkRecipes recipe box. This is how I get the nutritional info so that I may track what I eat when I feel the need. My numbers are only as accurate as SparkRecipes allows me to be.  If you find that you like my recipes, I recommend you join SparkPeople.  It is free, and then you will be able to toss these recipes right into your nutrition tracker and grocery list.  Email me your SparkPeople username, or send me a note on SparkPeople, and I will be happy to export to you my custom list of ingredients. You can import it right to your own account and avoid the hassle of typing it all in somewhere else.

What I can promise is that you will never find me raving about products or stores I don’t use myself.  You may find me linking to products and stores I do use, from within articles, using my associate codes.  Who doesn’t dream of making a little cash by doing what they love?  However, if I don’t USE it… I won’t link to it from an article, nor will you see it in my own Wish List.   I do run ad content in the sidebars.

IF IT’S NOT SOMETHING I’D SERVE TO MYSELF OR MY FAMILY, I DON’T WRITE ABOUT IT.  It’s that simple.   And that still doesn’t mean you should blindly shove what you find here into your mouth.  I know people who can stay thin and healthy eating bread and rice all day.  I can’t.  So I don’t.

Miss Zoey's first taste of Spring 2010.

Miss Zoey's first taste of Spring 2010.

I will expand on this later, but for now… those are the disclaimers! :)