Survival, baby!

If you are interested in survival topics but get tired of the standard political and religious hulabaloo that tends to surround it, you might want to check out my good friend Georgene’s brand spankin’ new blog. It’s called [DFW Preppers and Survivors].

I find Georgene to be a very level headed person when it comes to the more serious topics.  She will give you the goods without an overabundance of vaguely related yammer (skills of which I’m always trying to personally hone!)  From my perspective, it is more about living “down to Earth” and even about saving some money (another skill I can always improve.)  I’m sure there will be a bit about self-defense thrown into the mix, but it’s definitely not the blog’s primary goal.  Survival.  Simply put.

Anyone just trying to get back to good old fashioned natural healthy eating might be interested in this blog from that perspective.   The most current entry is called [Cranberry-Licious] and starts out like this:

I know that cranberries are far from being an essential food. However, they are tasty and have some great fiber, and are even known for their Vitamin C. Unfortunately, after canning, the Vitamin C is probably destroyed in these beauties, due to the heat involved, but we won’t belabor the details. We will enjoy what we have, be glad we have it, and save it for the future.

Sure sounds interesting to me!  If it sounds like news you could use, head on over and check it out!

DFW Preppers

DFW Preppers

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