Nothing but bookmarks!

Awhile back, some friends of mine asked me to export my bookmarks to them.  Forgot I had done this until my friend Erika found them again today.  My list has grown substantially since this one was created!

DISCLAIMER: I do not necessarily agree with, approve, or endorse the contents of each website listed here. Many of them are sites I have skimmed just long enough to deem worthy of a bookmark so that I may return later for further perusal.

Feel free to question me about the extent of my experience with particular sites, recipes, products, etc.

A note about recipes: I love to take traditional recipes and lighten them up or at least make them sugar free. Do not assume that I make a recipe AS IS nor that it is safe for you to do so. Be wise and wary, as always!

If you see a site that is owned by you or contributed by you and you would like some sort of credit or plug, by all means let me know. If you see unacceptable content I somehow overlooked, please let me know that too!


Cooking Reference

Cook’s Illustrated – Lighter Guide
Cooking Techniques & Ingredient Guide – Wegmans
Ingredient Subs – Barry Farm Foods
Joy of Baking
Kraft Foods Cooking School
Land O’Lakes Ingredient Substitutions


Exercise Playlists – SparkPeople
Intro to Exercising with Resistance Bands

Food General Reference

Almond Flour & Meal Info
Low Carb Products & Ingredients
Organics 101 – Allrecipes
Protein in nutrition – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rainier Cherries
Reducing the Fat Content of Regular Ground Beef
Turkey Info
Vanilla –
Wegman’s Lower Carb
Weight Loss Diets

Food Stats & Databases

Brand Stats – DietFacts
Calorie Chart -Sorted by Protein
Calorie Counter (CalorieLab)
Calories in Rainier Cherries (per cherry) – TDP
Coheso Nutrition Database
Dotti’s Restaurants A-Z (WW Friendly)
Foods Sorted by Protein Content
Millstone Nutrition Facts – TDP
Nutrition Data
Restaurant Stats – DietFacts
The Daily Plate

Meal Planners

Saving Dinner

Nutrition Tracking

DietOrganizer BlackBerry
Symbian Blackberry Calorie Counter
T-Mobile Downloads – Get More from Your Handheld
The Daily Plate



Chicken Madras
Curried Chicken Salad Recipe – Epicurious
Curried Pecans – NutsOnline
Curry House Chicken Madras
Curry Yogurt Chicken Kebabs
Curryholics Cult
Laws of the Kitchen Chicken curry
Pumpkin Curry – NutsOnline

Protein Shakes

Gross Protein Drink Recipes
Protein Shake Recipes – Eggface

3-a-Day Recipes Index
A Healthier Life – RZ
ADA Nutrition & Recipes
All Recipes
Appetizers and Side Dishes and Snacks – RZ
Bob Evans Recipes
Boiled Peanuts – RZ
Brownie Muffins – HG
Campbell’sÆ Healthy RequestÆ Curried Chicken Chowder
Campbell’sÆ Kitchen
CARB-LITE Low carb Recipes and Advice
Casseroles – RZ
CDK – Artichoke Balls
Chile Verde II – Allrecipes
Choco Raspberry Eclair Affair Smoothie – Spark
Chocolate-Berry Bliss
Cook’s IllustratedóLighter Guide
Cool Whip Recipes
Cottage Cheese Muffins Recipe – 101 Cookbooks
Fage Recipes
Food Lion Recipes
Food Network Recipes
Good Housekeeping Recipes
Guacamole- RZ
Hub UK Recipes
Jay Robb Recipes
Joy of Baking
Kraft Recipes
Linda’s Low Carb Menus & Recipes – Recipes
Linda’s Low Carb Menus & Recipes
Louisiana Red Beans and Rice – Allrecipes
Low Carb Recipes – Recipes for Every Low Carb Diet
My Recipes
North Pole Kitchen
NutsOnline Recipes
Parmesan Cheese Crackers Recipe
Pumpkin Puree Recipes – VBB
Recipe Pumpkin Carrot Swirl Bars – VBB
Recipe Zaar – PH’s Page
Recipes – American Diabetes Association
Recipes – Wegmans
Recipes and More @ CDKitchen
Recipes to Love – Wish-BoneÆ
Recipes, Food Tips & Ideas – I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!
Reduced Carbohydrates Recipes – RZ
Sargento Recipes
Slow Cooker Main Dishes Recipes – All Recipes
SparkRecipes & Recipe Calculator
Strawberry Spinach Salad – Good Housekeeping
The Morbid Me Weight Loss Surgery Recipes
Very Best Baking – Nestle
Wannaknow Bout Slowcookin – Spark
WLS Gourmet
WorldPantry.comÆ – Recipes – the free recipe site for everyday cooks


Dotti’s Restaurants A-Z (WW Friendly)
Restaurant Stats – DietFacts

Shopping & Products

Avi Glatt Kosher
Bariatric Supermarket
Cinnamon Bliss
Crum Creek Mills
Cytosport – Products
Expert Foods ThickenThin
Fage Greek Yogurt
Frappio Light Latte
Gosh Thats Good
HERSHEY’S Goodness Products
Jay Robb Enterprises, Inc.
Josephs SF Maple Syrup
Kashi Products
Lifetime Specialty Cheeses
Low Carb Cookbook CD – Individual Packets
Moon Doggie Coffee Roasters – Purchase Products
MotherNature Squeeze Packs
Murray SF Cookies
Nature Sweet
Probst Farms
Seneca Foods’ Case Sales
Steels Gourmet
Sugarless Shop
Sweetzfree , No Calories, No Carbs, No Fillers!
Toddy Coffee Maker at Toddy Cafe Cold Brew Coffee
Trader Joes Locations
Walden Farms

Special Dietary


Bariatric Radio Network
Bariatric Supermarket
Obesity Help WLS Info
Post-op Nutrition
The Morbid Me Weight Loss Surgery Recipes
WLS Gourmet
WLSRecipes4Losers – MySpace


American Diabetes Association Home Page

Low Carb

Linda’s Low Carb Links
Low Carb Cookworx
Low Carb Products & Ingredients
Low Carb Recipes – Recipes for Every Low Carb Diet
Reduced Carbohydrates Recipes – RZ
The Lighter Side of Low-Carb
Wegman’s Lower Carb

Low Fat

How Low-Fat Baking Works


Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone

Free to be Me!

Tips & Tricks & Blogs

100 Ways to Cut 100 Calories
Ask Hungry Girl
Big City, Little Kitchen
Cravings 911 – Good Housekeeping
Eat Well Live Well – Wegmans
Estimating Portion Size
Healthy Hillbilly Housewife
Hungry Girl
Kalyn’s Kitchen
Kath Eats Real Food
Laws of the Kitchen
Paula Deen
She Spills The Beans
The Lighter Side of Low-Carb
The World According to Eggface
Virtual Grocery Store – American Diabetes Association
What Smells So Good
WLS Gourmet

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