Protein Mocha – A Warm Breakfast for Crisp Mornings!

Did you skip breakfast this morning?  You know better than that!  Skipping breakfast is the worst worst worst thing you can do.  While you may think it’s wise just to not consume calories, since you’re not hungry anyway, skipping breakfast monkeys with your blood sugar for the rest of the day.  It plummets… it peaks… it causes you to binge and crash.  It brings about everything but the desired results.  Eventually, it can bring about Type 2 diabetes.  The body needs to refuel in the morning, whether you’re hungry or not.  Trust me.  I learned the hard way.

I still don’t have much of an appetite in the morning.  So, these days I have a protein drink.  In the summer, I usually have some sort of coffee based ready-to-drink (RTD) protein.  I either have something like Atkins Cafe, or I make my own with Lean Body chocolate RTD, chocolate unsweetened Almond Breeze, and some instant coffee crystals.  In the winter, I want something warm.  So, I make myself a protein mocha.

1 scoop of chocolate protein powder
1 shot of your favorite sugar free syrup
fresh brewed coffee


  • Place the scoop of protein powder into a travel mug. My favorite is Nectar Chocolate Truffle, though I have done this successfully with Jay Robb chocolate whey protein, Lean Dessert Chocolate Fudge Pudding, and many others. Just about any brand will work.
  • Add a shot of your favorite sugar free syrup to the mug. My two favorites are Da Vinci Dulce de Leche and Monin O’Free Caramel. (The Monin syrups are typically thicker. I like my phony caramel thick.) Just about any sweet flavor will work. You can even get crazy with some orange or almond flavored syrups. Get a spoon and stir… stir… stir. Stir until the protein is completely smooth. This is important. You want to smooth it out with that little bit of liquid before you fill the cup.
  • Now, grab your fresh brewed coffee… which has either been sitting with the warmer off for at least 20 – 30 minutes… or, you’ve removed the lid from the pot, letting the steam escape while the coffee cools a bit. You DO NOT ever want to mix protein powder with liquid that is too hot. Doing so is what causes those nasty clumps. Fill your mug the rest of the way up with the coffee. I like to pour with one hand whilst stirring with the other. Be careful if you do this. Don’t burn yourself then blame me for it. You’ve been warned!
  • Put the lid on your travel mug and sip away. Your Protein Mocha will make you nice and warm on a cold morning, and it will provide you with a decent amount of nutrients. I love these things. I drink them all throughout the year, but nothing hits the spot better on a cold winter morn. Sometimes I add a squirt of Hershey’s sugar free syrup to the protein powder / syrup mixture. If I want to treat myself, I will add a small spoon of Smucker’s sugar free caramel topping and / or a dollop of Cool Whip Free or fat free Reddi Whip.

The body best absorbs protein in the morning and just after workouts. Protein is also filling and will help keep you satisfied. And really, just about any flavor of protein will work… and any flavor of syrup will work. Go nuts with experimentation. Just stick to a protein powder that is lower in calories and carbs, and make sure you use sugar free syrups. There is no shortage of either out there. You can also do this with plain water, if you are not a coffee lover. I love coffee, and I love mochas, and I think the coffee covers up anything unpleasant about protein powder. In any case, the taste and quality of protein powder has come a long way. Even if you think you hate them, try one of the newer brands. You might be surprised.

These also make excellent snacks for chilly Autumn or Winter evenings.

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  1. Never was much of a sweet-coffee person. Me, I have my protein shake, and THEN I have my coffee, and sometimes I have cold coffee IN my protein shake, but I just can’t do the warm-coffee-and-protein breakfast.

    Nevertheless, I have heard plenty of people say that this is what makes the morning for them….give ’em what they need and keeps ’em moving….good instructions!

  2. Warm up some Jay Robb strawberry w/ plain water and pretend it’s a berry cobbler…?

  3. Linda Skow says:

    I’m sort of a iced mocha for breakfast person. Seems to go down easier. With you on the protein drink for breakfast, though. Of course, a chilly morning around here is about 55 degrees, :) Love my warm protein coffe in the EVENING! AHHHH. I mix my protein and syrup or water with a fork and then take out my little hand-held frother and slowly pour my coffe in as it whips it up. Nary a lump and a nice little layer of froth. I love that little sucker. Great for mixing flour or corn starch or whatever thickener you use, with water before you pour it in the pan, also.

  4. Linda.. is that one of those frothers like they sell at Williams Sonoma, or is it an actual hand blender?

  5. Linda Skow says:
  6. That’s so cute. Maybe I’ll get one. I’m cleaning out my kitchen right now, wishing I had more space for crock pots and things sitting along the wall! Seems like the sensible thing to do would be to buy more stuff. 😛

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