I'm Chef of the Day!

I just got an email from someone congratulating me on being Chef of the Day over on RecipeZaar.  I am inspired by this.  While I am pretty sure their Chef of the Day feature is random, I think they really would have chosen me if it were based on singing the praises of that website.

Correction: Some research revealed that I was actually nominated into the queue by a nice person named Parsley (who has entered 764 recipes into that thing!  If I don’t return soon, send in a search party!)  And it looks like it was Liza who ultimately put me there.  Liza has been a dedicated RZ staff member for several years, and she has proven more than once that she can remain a class act when a customer is yammering at her.  (Of course, I’m not the customer in question here.  Why on Earth would you think that?? lol)

That's me!

That's me!

I found RecipeZaar a few years ago when I absolutely had to start taking responsibility for what I was putting into my body.  I commuted pretty far from home and had little time and energy for cooking.  Enter RecipeZaar.  Not only did I find time, but it helped me make MORE time for myself.  It also helped me save money, and it made me realize that I adore cooking when I have the time.  In fact, I was just telling this to someone not 30 minutes ago.  How appropriate that the congratulatory email came when it did.  (I had already been to RZ once today, but I generally come in through the side door… I have my own page bookmarked.)

Basically, it got me organized.  First of all, the recipe search feature is great.  It is not flawless, but it lets me sift recipe searches down to the nitty gritty in ways I had not seen before.  Other sites have picked up on this and ran, since then, but I believe RZ set the standard that now brings us even better sites like SparkRecipes.  They remain bar-none for the shopping list and my cookbook collection.

The shopping list is wonderful.  As I add recipes to my shopping cart, RZ does a pretty good job with adding up all the ingredients I need and organizing them by store department.  This has saved me untold amounts of time and money.  I no longer roam the store aimlessly wasting time trying to make decisions.  I take my shopping list to the kitchen, mark off what I have, then take it to the store.  I know right where I’m going.  I get in and get out.   No more wasted food in the fridge.  I was notorious for buying something that looked interesting and letting it go to waste because I had no plan for what to do with it.  Also, the recipes titles are on the shopping list tagged with letters that correspond to ingredients.  If you can’t find what you need when you’re in the store, you are well equipped for substituting on the spot.

It also has a menu planner I use for big meals like Thanksgiving.  I can slide things around into courses and change the number of attendees… then RZ will print out the ingredients I need according to the recipes I’ve chosen and the number of people.  It makes the adjustments for me.

I could go on for ages about it, but you should really wander over to RecipeZaar and check it out if you don’t already use an online technology for your meal planning.   Also check SparkRecipes, as they are probably the best of all possible worlds when it comes to recipes and nutrition tracking. RecipeZaar does its best to calculate nutritional info, but to date there is no way to track your personal intake.  It is worth it, to me, to enter some of my own recipes into both places.

Anyhow, I just wanted to post a quick thank you to RecipeZaar… especially now that I know I wasn’t chosen by some programming algorithm.  😉

RecipeZaar's Thanksgiving stuff is up!

RecipeZaar's Thanksgiving stuff is up!


  1. So proud of you!! Woo hoo! And I need that recipe!

  2. Thanks! :) Which recipe? Hope I didn’t forget something.

  3. It’s an awesome feeling to be the chosen Chef of the Day, isn’t it? I was there a few years ago and it made me feel like a queen!! I am absolutely addicted to the site too and my family doesn’t even complain…much. They’ve never eaten better!

    ps I found your blog thru your comment on fb, but do remember seeing your pretty face on RZ’s front page!

  4. Very sweet of you to say. Thanks. :)

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